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Cookies For You, Inc. was created in 1992 by Mary Helen Hasby. Hasby’s love of cookies started as a child and was nurtured by the strong influences of her grandmother, mother, and sister. She won many ribbons in baking competitions as a youngster while in 4-H. Her love for cookies continued into her adulthood, leading Hasby to open her own business selling cookies and providing sweets catering in Minot, ND.
Hasby grew up in New Town. She graduated from Minot High School and Minot State University with a double major in business administration and office management. Hasby then moved to Chicago for four years, but she realized she needed to raise her son in a safe environment like Minot. So, in 1992, Hasby opened Cookies For You in the Town & Country Shopping Center. After a year and a half at the shopping center, she moved to the shop to its present location at 117 S. Main Street in downtown Minot.

The Secret Ingredient: Family

What makes Cookies For You special isn’t their cookies bouquets and specialty sweets—though those are delicious. The true reason for the bakery’s continuing success is its humble beginnings as a family business. Operations began with just one part-time baker and one part-time delivery person—Mary Helen Hasby’s own father. In fact, both of her parents, Glenn and Lilah Hasby, have been delivering for her and helping her in the store since day one.
Today, Hasby employs 20 full- and part-time employees, and the lights are on almost 24 hours a day between making the dough, baking the goodies, and selling like mad. However, even as operations have expanded, the bakery continues to operate as a tight-knit, passionate family business. Hasby’s husband, Phil, who has always been very supportive, works in Civil Service at MAFB. Phil is the primary dough-maker along with four others—and everything is made from scratch, from the decorated cookies to cake pops.
Hasby feels that while it takes a family to make a small business successful, she is also grateful to all of her employees (a.k.a. the Cookies For You Elves) who work tirelessly all year and particularly during the month of December. Hasby treats them like family and describes them as hardworking, energetic, and customer-friendly. Without their efforts, the business wouldn’t be as successful as it is today.

Flavors for Every Sweet Tooth

Since its simple origins in 1992, Cookies For You has grown exponentially. The bakery now offers a year-round menu of 16 cookie flavors. Cut-out decorated cookies, five flavors of bars, cookie pizzas, brownie pizzas, sweet trays, cookie tins, cookie boxes, cookie bouquets, and many other gift items are also available. No matter what kind of sweets you like, you’re sure to find something to your tastes in their shop.
Cookies For You also features a daily soup and sandwich lunch special and offers box lunch catering for business functions or events. Hasby also added a line of specialty coffees, mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos. In 2000, she franchised the business and trademarked it in all 50 states.

Cookies to Every Country

Cookies For You delivers locally and ships nationwide and internationally. Whether you want to send a cookie bouquet to your out-of-state college student or you need catering for a local party, there are options for you.
Mary Helen Hasby and her team have been shipping to Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever United States troops are stationed for years. The cookies arrive just fine, and the troops love receiving something they can eat “from home.”
During preparation for the busy holiday season, a majority of Cookies For You’s business is sweet trays, so they incorporate special catering options for the holidays. Sweet trays include cookies, homemade caramels and fudge, a variety of bars, cookie cups, peanut butter kiss cookies, cut-out decorated cookies, and other delicacies.

Nothing Sweeter Than a Local Business

Since Cookies For You is located in downtown Minot, Hasby loves being a part of the heart, heritage, and history of the downtown community that adds to the unique appeal of the Magic City. She enjoys delivering desserts to parties across the city and providing sweets catering to her fellow local business owners.
Hasby is grateful to her long-time customers for their support and appreciates the fact her fellow Minoters continue to buy locally. “I have been successful because of the continued patronage and loyalty that my local customers have shown me. The majority of our business is local; even though we have a presence on the Internet, the local market is still our bread and butter,” she said.
Come in today to see what Mary Helen Hasby and her staff can do to satisfy your sweet tooth. You won’t leave empty-handed.

Contact Cookies For You for further details on sweets catering options and the expansive dessert menu. The shop is located in Minot, North Dakota, and proudly ships to cookie lovers worldwide

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