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Father’s Day Red Cooler Beer Basket

Dad will love this gift this year! Full of all of his favorite snacks and drinks – what more could he ask for?



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    We’re just there to argue and be jerks. Let’s admit it. We’ve all lost it in a blog comments section somewhere, and hang our heads in shame at who we became.
    How many times have you read a blog post where the author helpfully suggested a tech fix of some sort, just to be kind, and the comment section quickly fills with people (of all temperaments) wanting help from the author troubleshooting why it didn’t work? Sometimes we mistake a blog post on a particular topic as the place to go for help on that topic, and it isn’t.

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    A comment section is for conversation. While I’m familiar with the feeling of enjoying a post, having nothing to say, but wanting to let the blogger know,
    it would be better to share the post on social media and say “this was a good post” rather than create acres of comments that say “good job.” Anyone else roll their eyes when trying to sift through “good job!” and “I agree!” comments to get to something meatier?

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    Yes, some people (as in, you and me an others) aren’t doing the whole blog commenting thing the right way. It’s hard to have purely altruistic motives, sometimes.
    If you head into it at all thinking that you’ll get a link back to your site, you’re doing it wrong. You’ll be moderated, spammed, and possibly penalized.

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    A blog comments section might seem antiquated in the face of this new conversation. If you’ve been blogging a while, you’ve probably noticed that social media has meant two things for your blog comments:
    Comment systems, though, are evolving. Plugins that support social media integration, or a comment system like Disqus, help tie your blog’s comments into that social pulse. In that sense, you can bring that “outside” conversation back onto your own property.

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    With good moderation and spam controls, and making sure that links in the comments section are “no follow” (which WordPress now does) you can protect yourself somewhat. It is important to take a serious rein on your comments section and be purposeful about it.
    Another reason Copyblogger provided for ending their comments was that the discussion was happening elsewhere, on social media. This is discouraging if you are trying to build social proof on your actual blog, and see social media comment streams as a form of “sharecropping” your content off of your blog property.

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